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Mark Shrader's Mixed Martial Arts Academy, offers Mixed martial Arts, Karate Classes in Washington PA, Washington PA Karate Classes, Washington PA Mixed Martial Arts, MMA, or Cardio Kickboxing in Washington Pennsylvaina. If you want to take some Boxing classes in Washington PA be sure to come to Mark Shraders Mixed Martial Arts Acadmy. If you are looking for certain karate classes use this school for karate classes and if you are finding martial arts like taekwondo or uniforms for jiu-jitsu use mark shrader for the mixed martial arts.

Be sure to look up or google Mark Shrader for you Mixed Martial Arts needs. If you are in Washington Pennsylvania Karate school or looking for a martial arts school in Pennsylvaina or southwestern pennsylvania mark shrader's mixed martial arts academy is in south-western pennsylvania.

if you are into boxing or boxing techniques Mark Shrader is a Master Boxer and can show you boxing techniques at Mark Shrader's mixed martial arts academy in Washington PA. MMA or Mixed Martial Arts is a good choice for you. Make sure MMA is Mixed Martial Arts at Mark Shrader's Mixed Martial Arts classes. for in mark shrader's mixed martial arts classes in Washington PA. If you are trying to find MMA people in dogs or cats for inside a gym or a MMA Octagon or a cage fighting champion ship in Washington PA cage fighters or inside a cage fighting karate championship. Cage fighters inside a karate championship fight for Washington PA cagefighting. Also if working a Cardio Kickboxing fighting technique or Cardio Karate classes for women only. MMA or No Holds Barred Fighting inside a cage fighting washington PA. We have a boxing ring and boxing rings in school of karate. or school of mma. an MMA fight or an MMA octagon in Washington PA also. Karate or taekwondo or just a martial art or a martial arts school is perfect. perfect practice of belts or karate schools where we will look for karate schools or karate uniforms for us. We need to have a karate school in Washington Pa to look for a MMA instruction. if you need MMA instructors or a Mixed Martial arts school instructor too.

Mark Shrader's  Mixed  Martial  Arts  Academy
 Karate • Boxing • Jiu-Jitsu • Cardio Kickboxing • Ultimate Cage Fighting
122 East Maiden St. Washington PA 15301 (724) 322-2210 (call or text info)


Welcome to Mark Shrader's Mixed Martial Arts Academy. Please take a minute and look around the site to learn about what we do and offer here, at the academy. We offer classes for Adults and Children for all discliplines including boxing! Our mixed martial arts classes are an excellent opportunity for families to do something together and learn a valuable protective skill at the same time.
If you interested in learning karate, boxing, kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, or submission grappling check out information on our site here about the type of programs we offer. Don’t be afraid to send me an e-mail. We would love to hear from each and every one of you.


Master Mark Shrader




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