“Shrader’s MMA was a perfect fit for me. I toughened up, got in the best shape of my life, and made friends for life. Mark Shrader really knows fighting.” 
-Jonathan Gottschall author of The Professor in the Cage (Former MMA student)
“I chose Shrader’s MMA gym because I live right by it so it was very convenient for me. Also I heard about it from others and gave it a chance. I loved it and the people!” 
-Gary S. (MMA student)
“I was looking for a place to learn self-defense, but in a comfortable environment. I came in very nervous for a class to check it out, and Shrader's MMA was the perfect fit! Mark is an amazing, down-to-earth instructor who truly cares about his students. I've made several friendships here that will last a lifetime! I have a high level of respect for Mark and his students, and highly encourage anyone considering a gym, for whatever reason, to check this place out first!” 
-Peter K. (MMA student)
"Mark Shraders Cardio Kickboxing class has greatly improved my physical and mental health. Mark leads us through his focused, total-body workout with intensity and high energy. Each class is unique and the exercises keep you engaged. At the end of every class, my mind is clear and my body feels amazing." 
-Ashley W. (Cardio student)
“I've had the privilege in my travels of training at some of the best places in the US and still I'm proud to call Shrader's my home. Master Shrader has brought out elements in my game that I've neglected and has helped me build on my previous foundations. I recommend it for all levels.” 
-Adam J. (Jiu-Jitsu student) 
“When I was looking for a martial arts place for my son, I did a thorough search online reading all reviews written by other moms like me. My son was 6 at that time, very outspoken and "know it all better than you" age.  I was hoping that strict discipline would humble his behavior a little. I took my son to meet Mark at Shrader’s MMA. He was not only welcoming but also very exciting. For the first month or two, my son had a hard time to quietly obey the authority, but all instructors were great with handling him. Today after 8 months of attending Shrader’s MMA, I still look back and can't believe the transformation that I see in my child. He loves coming to practice, he tries his best in doing everything correctly. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging that kids strive in their accomplishments.” 
-Iryna (Karate parent) 
“The cardio kickboxing class is excellent!  I have been attending for several years. I started as cross-training for long distance running, and it's been so much more. I have met excellent friends, ran personal bests in full and half marathons, and feel all around stronger, healthier, and happier.  I wouldn't want to live without it!” 
-Heike M. (Cardio student)
“I originally came to Shrader's MMA to learn how to defend myself, but I had no idea that I would gain so much more than a martial arts education. Mark is a fantastic coach who really takes the time to work with you one-on-one and adapt his teaching method to your needs. The atmosphere is relaxed and very welcoming, and the more experienced students are always happy to help the new students get comfortable and learn the ropes. I'd recommend Shrader's for anyone looking to learn martial arts in a fun, welcoming, environment.” 
-Averi C. (Jiu-Jitsu student)
“My son, Dominic (12 at the time), attended Shrader’s MMA class for a year before we moved away. I took him to the classes each week and watched as I waited. The classes were fun & lively, music was playing and Mark was extremely motivational! Everyone in the class was helpful and encouraging with one another - - this is not a place where anyone would ever be made to feel they "couldn't do it" or they "didn't fit in". Even the people who had attended the classes for years never acted as if they were better than the beginners. I personally saw full body transformations from students who joined the class around the same time as my son. Young men and women who stuck with the classes, and within the year became stronger and more confident. The one-on-one care to teach each student, and the patience demonstrated by the teachers, was amazing. My son was eager to go each week and learn. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to learn and grow in a comfortable welcoming and motivational environment.” 
-Rebecca C. (MMA parent)
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